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On this page you will find an overview of the entire range for an accelerated search for the brochures and manuals of the products.


Centrifugal pumps

Single stage centrifugal pumps
Certified centrifugal pumps
Coil-rolled steel centrifugal pumps
Multistage centrifugal pumps
Peripheral / impeller centrifugal pumps
Self-priming / liquid ring centrifugal pumps

Double screw pumps

Lobe pumps

Certified lobe pumps
Lobe pumps
Monobloc lobe pumps
  • BE series:

Sinus pumps

Eccentric screw pumps

Piston pumps

Heat exchangers

Tube heat exchangers

Industrial Crossflo tube heat exchanger
Hygienic Mixflo tube heat exchanger
Pharmaceutical Pharmaflo tube heat exchanger

Scraped surface heat exchanger

Plate heat exchangers

Standard plate heat exchangers
  • Standard plate heat exchangers:
Hygienic plate heat exchanger
  • Hygienic plate heat exchanger:
Welded plate heat exchanger
  • Welded plate heat exchanger:

Steam-water mixers


Mix-proof valves

High pressure valves

  • BBZQ/BBYQ series:

Butterfly valves

Ball valves

Stop and changeover valves

Tank bottom valves

Control valves

By-pass valves

Valve accessories

Giotto Top Units

Giotto Top
EASY Giotto top
ATEX Giotto top

Sight glasses