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About us

Who are we?

For many years, Jadiflow has offered a wide range of products featuring high-quality hygienic process components. We support our customers with our far-reaching technical know-how of products and processes. Professional aftersales service provided when needed.

We offer 24-hour on-site service for pumps, valves and heat exchangers of the CSF group. We have the specialised service technicians. Keeping your maintenance costs low is our priority.

“We sign for your Success”

Remaflow BV is a part of the Jadiflow Group, and offers the following product range:

  • Sale of spare parts for virtually every brand of pump and valve (in the food and pharmaceutical industries) and (24-hour) service on-site.
  • Sale of process components and appendages including: filters, sight glasses, ball and non-return valves, compensators, tankclean units, homogenisers, mixing and cooking units.

Mission Statement

Quality, Know-how and service

Core values that have been instilled in all of our Jadiflow employees, and which are conveyed in the course of daily contact with our customers. The Jadiflow team is a very important component in your pursuit of success.

Our policy of providing technical support to our customers in small and large projects has led to explosive growth in the sale of Jadiflow components. This is a powerful signal from our partners that Jadiflow BV has embraced the right mission and strategy.

In the meantime, Jadiflow BV has become a household term in Belgium, a key supplier of process components.

Let Jadiflow BV contribute to your success!!

The best service

Maintenance can considerably extend the service life of your equipment. Jadiflow BV can provide this maintenance for you. This can occur on-site at your location or in a service outlet in your region.

Spare parts always in stock
Jadiflow maintains a stock of spare parts for all products it supplies. Of course, our suppliers maintain large quantities of spare parts that can be delivered quickly, if necessary.


“We sign for your Success”

Let Jadiflow BV contribute to your success with the aid of the following core values:

  • Supplying of high-quality process components.
  • Supporting our customers with process and product-related know-how.
  • Providing professional aftersales service.

Jadiflow service point in your area

In order to facilitate the servicing of your pumps and valves, Jadiflow works together with various service partners in Belgium. As a consequence, we have a large team of specialised service technicians available.

Please contact us to find out the closest Jadiflow service point in your area!

The latest news

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