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Eccentric screw pumps

CSF carries a wide range of different types of eccentric screw pumps destined for applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Jadiflow sells a wide range of CSF eccentric screw pumps, each of which has its own particular characteristics. For every application requiring the pumping of highly viscous product, the best choice is a eccentric screw pump.

More information about eccentric screw pumps

What are eccentric screw pumps?

Eccentric screw pumps, also called positive displacement pumps, are suitable for pumping very thick liquids. Even if there are solids in the liquid.

How does a eccentric screw pumps work?

There are two important parts for the operation of the pump, namely the rotor and the stator. These parts ensure flawless operation of the screw pump. The rotor makes a rotating and radial movement in the stator. This creates a continuous displacement of the medium to be pumped.

Due to the pump principle of the screw pump, the structure of the liquid to be pumped is hardly influenced. The capacity is directly proportional to the speed and hardly dependent on varying pre- or back pressure, so that dosing can be controlled very accurately.

Screw Pump Applications

Eccentric screw pumps have been developed for pumping low to high viscous liquids. Eccentric screw pumps are extremely versatile and are therefore used in various industries such as the food industry and the beverage industry, but also in oil processing and chemical plants.

Advantages of eccentric screw pumps:

  • Suitable for high pressures
  • Reversible operation
  • Accurate dosing
  • constant flow
  • The structure of the medium is not damaged
  • Only one rotating element
  • Extensive range regarding material
  • Maintenance friendly.

Eccentric screw pumps are extremely versatile and often appreciated because of the user-friendliness and the reliability of the pump.

Disadvantages of screw pumps

There are of course also situations when it is better not to choose a screw pump.

  • Eccentric screw pumps are sensitive to dry running
  • Eccentric screw pumps are not suitable for high temperatures
  • Eccentric screw pumps have high wear on the stator and the rotor.