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Bardiani Valvole S.p.A.

Bardiani Valvole S.p.A

Bardiani Valvole S.p.A. was founded in 1981 in Fornovo Taro, a small city in northern Italy. The company specialises in the development and manufacture of high quality hygienic pumps for the foodstuffs and pharmaceutical industries.

In order to fulfil the needs of these sectors, Bardiani offers a broad range of hygienic pumps. This assortment consists, inter alia, of butterfly valves, ball valves, stop and changeover valves, mix-proof valves, control valves, overpressure valves and high pressure valves. Bardiani’s high level of specialisation enables it to manufacture different types of valves that fulfil the individual needs of each client. The high-quality Bardiani valves are available with important certifications, including EHEDG, 3A, ATEX, CRN and PMO. Bardiani also offers an after sales programme (Bardiani Care) for good technical support and fast delivery of spare parts.

With 104 employees, Bardiani is one of the largest suppliers of valves worldwide. Bardiani is a very dependable supplier for Jadiflow in projects large and small alike.

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CSF group mechanic
CSF group mechanic
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CSF Inox Group

CSF Inox Group

CSF is a member of the CSF Inox Group. This Italian group consists of the following companies.

  • Bardiani Valvole S.p.A. – hygienic valves
  • CSF Inox S.p.A – hygienic pumps
  • Omac S.r.l. – Hygienic lobe pumps
  • MBS S.r.l. – Hygienic (scraped surface) tube heat exchangers

With its combined strength, the CSF Inox Group supplies a full package of process components for the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and chemical industries worldwide. At this time, the group has more than 300 employees and a sales turnover of more than € 60 million per year. The companies in the CSF Group are modern, reliable, innovative and authoritative.