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In Jadiflow’s mission, Kevin van Praet found the perfect opportunity to deploy and further expand his expertise. Time for an introduction to this amiable guy with a real winner’s mentality.

What kind of work do you do for Jadiflow?

“I have been working here as a technical salesperson since June 1, 2022. In this = position I am responsible for the entire process from prospection to customer visit and from quotation to invoice. Feel free to call it sales support or representative. If necessary, I also provide technical assistance: I can help customers in a targeted manner with any problems. Sometimes by phone, sometimes by going there to solve it myself.”

What is your history?

“After my technical training, I came to work for Atlas Copco in a small detour in the compressor world. There I made quotations, invoices and assisted customers in the field of technology. I answered all their questions about process applications, products and administrative processing.”

How did you end up at Jadiflow?

“Through a recruiter. Once at the table, director Dirk Niekerk told me in a very pleasant conversation about Jadiflow’s promise: ‘we sign for your success’. With our products and our knowledge, we support our relations and make them successful in the work they perform. By doing business with us, customers can focus on creating a beautiful end product without any worries and with maximum focus. I can fully support this. I wanted to take extra steps to become an expert in my field.”

Did you notice anything when you came to work here?

“Jadiflow is a fast-growing organization with great potential in the Belgian market. It is pleasant to work here: we want to build a relationship with the customer. We need to know them well to be able to offer the right solution, and for that we need to build a relationship of trust. Furthermore, it is a very personal organization where everyone is closely involved in the process. Everything goes in good consultation, after which you can work on quick solutions for our customers. When you do it right, it leads to appreciation. And that’s great: you’re not a number here, but an entrepreneur with colleagues.”

What do you do privately?

“I am married and we have two small children. We live in Willebroek, in the middle between Antwerp and Brussels. After a sporting career as a football player, I have mainly become a family man. This was due to the birth of my two sons and a serious injury to my knee. In the youth I played for a first and second division, now it’s the turn of the next generation. Lewis and Mason are still very young, but hopefully they will grow into the new Hazard brothers in the future. That would be nice!”

What position did you have on the football field?

“I was on seven or nine, so I played as a striker or as a right winger.”

Does that preference for the attack also show in your work?

“Yes, I can hardly let that go. I have a winning mentality. That also means it is hard for me to lose a fight. Therefore, I will not rest for a good result for my customer is accomplished. In the past I have built up the necessary technical expertise to be able to fully support customers. That is the added value I can bring to Jadiflow.”

What is your personal promise to customers?

“That I’m always there for them. Customers can contact me 24/7 and I will always try to help. They come first for me. Furthermore, customers can expect me to keep my promises. Trust is everything and customers can rely on me.”