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J-Giotto top ATEX series

ATEX Giotto top

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J-Giotto top ATEX series

ATEX Giotto top

The new J-Giotto Top® ATEX control unit is designed and manufactured in accordance with guideline 2014/34 UE – “Devices and security systems intended for use in places in which there exists a significant risk of explosion”. The J-Giotto Top® ATEX series is compact top unit designed to ensure effective control and monitoring of valve functioning. Each control unit can handle all actions in connection with the functioning of the valve: in fact, both the position indicators (proximity sensors and microswitches) and the solenoids are installed in the J-Giotto Top® ATEX. Installation on top of the actuator can be performed quickly and easily. Manufactured from the same high-quality materials and reliable electrical components as the unit itself, it ensures that the operator can safely monitor functioning. The high degree of protection (IP67) against penetration by dust and liquids ensures perfect functioning of the different components, even under the most demanding operating conditions.


  • Effective and reliable valve monitoring
  • Strictest security standards for functioning in an ATEX application
  • Very compact design
  • Simple installation on the valve

Application Sectors:

  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical

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